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Dual Channel, dual inpuhannel,

2-6L6's, 4-12AX7's, 2-12AT7

40 Watts


1X12 Ceramic Jensen Jet $1,499.00

1X1X12 Alnico P12N $1,850.00

2X10 Cermics C10Q's $1,599.00

2X10 Alnico's' P10Q's $1,750.00

1X15 Ceramic C15N $1,850.00

1X15 Alnico P15N $1,950.00

HEAD ONLY $1,450.00





 Professional Version includes:

Buffered FX Loop with mini-pots for SEND and RETURN

Dual Reverb/Tremolo

P12N Alnico Speaker

Line-Out Jack

Sozo Mustard/Mallory M150/OJ 716P Series Tone Caps 

Color Options
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"Dripping with Tone"  Hand wired vintage tube amplifiers

Special Edition Amp Features


Ceasar Diaz SRV Tremolo modification (AB763 circuit)

Mallory M-150 and Orange Drop Tone Capacitors

Tube Driven Reverb and Tremolo

Tube driven rectifier (for vintage "sag")

Expanded Midrange Control (25k)

Fat Boost with 1-Button Foot Pedal included

6-Spring "Type 9" Accutronics Reverb Tank

2-Button Foot Pedal for Reverb and Trem included

Master Volume Control

Authentic Vintage Black "Tag Strip" Board

CTS Potentiometers

Rear Mounted Bias Test Jacks

Chassis mounted Bias Control

Vintage "Dogbone" handles

Vintage Jensen AlNiCo Speakers

Finger-jointed, Solid pine cabs

Brushed Metal face panels

Cabinet Casters





Dual Channel, dual input each channel,

Class A/B, 40 watts RMS Output

2-6L6's, 4-12AX7's, 2-12AT7, 2 - 10" Combo.

(stock #121595210)


Our VB3510SE and VB3512 series is loosely based upon the original AA964, 1964 vintage Fender® Vibrolux Reverb® amplifier.  This amp is a dual channel, dual input class A/B amplifier with 40 watts output utilizing a matched duet of 6L6GC's.  Tone controls for Channel #1 are Volume, Bass, Treble, and a Bright switch.  Tone controls for Channel #2 are Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass,  Reverb, and Speed & Intensity for the Tremolo as well as a Bright switch.  A Master Volume control is on the rear deck. Spring reverb is tube driven to maintain a clean, vintage black face effect and the tremolo is tube bias driven.  Speakers are configured with 2 - 10" Jensen Ceramic C10Q's. resulting in overall mid boost with a solid bottom and clear highs.   Cabs are constructed of finger jointed pine.  This is a masterful black face amplifier with rich history.  It produces a natural break-up and compression with the Volume at the 5 -6 setting and has extended clean headroom.   A brand new feature is our optional, switchable, on-board Power Attenuator.  This feature enables the VB's tone and volume controls to be set at just the right place to enter the "zone" while allowing the switching of a 6db attenuator.  Overall volume is cut to about one quarter of stock power without having any affect whatsoever on the amp's tone.  This is a highly sought after feature in the VB due to its higher output power and makes the VB perfect for studio recording as well as playing in smaller venues without compromising one drop of tone.  This special feature adds enormous versatility to another amplifier that is dripping with tone. The VB series is  a great recording amp and really comes alive in medium and larger size gigs.  With the Power Attenuator, it can even be used in a small venue.  It has four inputs with the second input on each channel rated at approximately -3db.  Tube compliment consists of 4 - 12AX7's, 2 - 12AT7's and a matched duet of 6L6GC's.  The tube rectifier is a 5AR4/GZ34 bringing the count to nine tubes in all.


Other Models and Information


PR3512SE SERIES AMP (35 watts)

DL2212SE SERIES AMP (22 watts)

VB3510SE SERIES AMP (40 watts)

TWEED1955SE SERIES AMP (4-6 watts)

SINGLE STROKE TWEED AMP (10 or 12 watts)

5E3 1955 TWEED DELUXE (15- watts)

5F6A '59 BASSMAN SERIES AMP (40-50 watts)


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