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Special Thanks to Nathan Zapotocky for creating these Sound Bites

on YouTube with his FireBelly PR1512SE Guitar Amp:


ZZ Top Waitin' for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago


More "BITES"....

Steven playing "Misty" with bias wiggle tremolo: PR3512SE (Princeton Reverb at 35 watts)

Sound Bite #1 (YouTube) Princeton Reverb   : PR3512SE (Princeton Reverb at 35 watts)

Sound Bite #2 (YouTube) Vibroverb Reverb: VB4015 (Vibroverb Reverb 50 watts)

Sound Bite #3 Recorded by Billy Howard on a :   PR3512SE Original Song

Sound Bite #4: (YouTube) L.A. Amp Show :  L.A. Amp Show Demonstration

Sound Bite #5:  Sample of P8R Alnico Speaker: TWEED JR. from the Jensen site

Sound Bite #6 Gibson LP through Tweed Jr.  TWEED JR. "Dimed" with Gibson LP

Customer comments...




  This amp has a slap back echo component that is so dynamic to play with.  You can mute it, semi- mute it when your doing double stops on a low end boogie and hear a slap back echo.  Its a big box of dripping luscious tone so sensitive to pick attack.  This allows you to articulate notes and bring a full spectrum of emotion to your playing.  The tremolo is perfect from subtle to intense.  I like the subtle undulating vibrato.  Reminds me of the human voice.  Wanted to let you know you hit it out of the park.  Thank you so much for taking on this build.  I'm in love again....


Mike C., Plymouth, MA


  After having played a Firebelly PR35 for over a year now, I can safely say this is an irreplaceable amplifier. I have played through a number of high end amplifiers including several doctor Z models, virtually everything mesa makes, the entire fender high end line, vintage Hiwatt, vintage Marshall, orange, vintage Vox and Soldano just to name a few.  This amp embodies everything I have wanted in tone. Rich on every spectrum and so pleasing to the ear that I can literally not get enough. Every note seems to drip like honey.  Thank you Steve.

Patrick G., Meridian, ID

...left a message at your office in an attempt to convey to you personally by phone how incredibly pleased I am with this amp....Aside from cosmetic flawlessness every aspect of its construction appears solid as a rock!  The tone is beyond expectations and at idle it is as quiet as a mouse (very important for the kind of gigs I play).  The verb is lush, but not overwhelming and responds to the level pot intuitively.  The tonal adjustability is also amazing.  How you can continue to make an amp of this quality at your price point is beyond me.  Thanks again for everything, Steve!

Rick R., San Diego, California

It sings!  I am entirely IN LOVE with this amp!  All the features work as expected .  The tone is warm and wonderful.  The tube break up is great.  I’m on the edge of a mountain of vibe...  I am in total and complete bliss.  You build an INCREDIBLE amplifier!  Thank you so much, again.  This is the finest piece of equipment by far that I have ever owned...including guitars.  I am ever grateful.  The Panderers love, praise and endorse your fine Firebelly Amplifiers.   A complete homerun my good man!

Scott Wynn, "The Panderers", Moores Hill, IN

I found this amp through an extensive search looking for an amp with a specific sound. The sound of this amp takes me there.  The sound quality, words cannot describe.  Have you ever gone to a recording studio and listened to a player and said "why can't I get that sound quality, it must be magic" Mystery solved, your ears will be stunned. Mine were.  With this amp I hit the perfect low and in that moment just before I hit the high I say to myself its not going to get there but, it does and I'm just in awe.  It will do this up and down the volume dial + master volume dial to make those tubes hum warm fuzzies.  The low end is just incredible".

Steven J., Sunrise Beach, MO

It was a pleasure doing business with Steven.  He took all my calls and helped me decide on speakers and other options.  He is very passionate about his amps and it shows in the finished product...I'm glad to have found FireBelly amps when I did.

John W., Ardmore, PA

You can also find additional comments at Harmony Central.  Just put "Firebelly amps" into the search box to bring up other unsolicited customer comments..





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